Exhibitors Benefit from Greener, Quicker Booth Set-ups at Coex with AV-Drop

Coex was the first to exhibit an AV-Drop system in Korea back in July 2021. Since then, Coex has leased it to multiple exhibitors, and has received both local and international recognition in the media for the practical and eco-friendly benefits of using the new display. 

Backdrops and exhibits made with Coex’s AV-Drop Pro kits have given exhibitors a whole new option for setting up their event spaces that drastically reduces waste and set-up time - all while being only a fraction of the cost of a standard display made from wood. It is estimated that the annual impact of using the AV-Drop system is equivalent to the annual offset of carbon emissions generated by 4,000 fully grown trees.

What it is
Whereas many exhibition floors are crammed with booths made of towering wooden frames and boards that can take days and lots of manpower to construct (only to be demolished and discarded after), the AV-Drop system, which is available for rental at Coex, is a reusable network of aluminum frames and clamps that can be put together into multiple different forms in just a few hours. AV-Drop uses specially designed fabrics that perfectly mimic the slick, smooth surfaces that would normally be achieved using printed wooden panels.

AV-Drop can be used to create all sorts of event display solutions. According to the AV-Drop website, the system is a “modular & configurable solution that allows you to create a stage backdrop and many other structures.” The kits available make it possible to create entire exhibit backdrops, wall dividers, projection screens, and even conference and meeting spaces without any additional tools, carpentry, or construction.

Cost reduction of up to 80%
According to Minji Cho, a manager at Coex’s Venue Marketing Team, “exhibitors renting our AV-Drop system have been saving on average 70-80% on what they would normally spend to construct similar wooden exhibition stands or backdrops.” 

Set-up in just a few hours vs. a full day
Cho also added, “Exhibitors are also surprised at how quickly these exhibits and backdrops go up. On average these displays only take 3-4 hours to set up, while wooden displays will often take at least a full day of construction.” As an added benefit, the whole setup generates no dust and requires no tools at all. A timelapse video of the setup can be seen on Coex’s YouTube channel. 

Proven effectiveness at large-scale events and conferences
With its quick and easy set-up, along with its cost-effectiveness, use of the AV-Drop systems have become more and more frequent at events at Coex. Recently, the use of AV-Drop was on full display at EV Trend Korea 2022, where it was used to create seminar spaces, wall dividers, and creative stage backdrops. At Coex’s annual Coffee Expo Seoul, the system was also used to create wide, comfortable lounge spaces for attendees.

Coex’s AV-Drop Pro kit has also been instrumental in designing impressive stage backdrops for conferences, especially for events needing multiple screens for hybrid set-ups or forums such as the 2021 ICCA Congress Asia Pacific Hub Seoul event. The modular nature of the system makes it possible for event organizers to work with Coex to create different shapes, screen locations, and widths - ranging from 7 meters or up to 18 meters wide.

[Photo from AV-Drop website: https://av-drop.com/stage-design/ ]


Part of Coex’s One-Stop Event Planning Services
The use of the AV-Drop system is one of Coex’s many in-house services and facilities that are available to event organizers onsite. Those planning an event at Coex can work directly with Coex’s professional venue sales team to add these impressive, cost-effective, and eco-friendly display solutions. Coex’s team can assist planners every step of the way - from the quotation, design, and even set-up of the display they need for their event.

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