At Coex, AV(Audio Visual) and Stage Design Services are available and a dedicated Event Planner will skillfully guide you through every step of the way. Coex is equipped with world-class AV technology and custom-built packages are available for clients.

Complimentary AV Equipment and Room Setup Services

The following AV equipment and room setup services are included in the meeting room rental fee. Any equipment or services that are not listed below must be charged separately. Rates and availability are listed in the next table.

Please note that decorations, stage fittings, and additional equipment brought into the venue must be reviewed and approved by Coex Venue Manager.

  • Tables & chairs up to the maximum capacity of the meeting room
  • Initial set-up within the limits of the Coex’s inventory
  • Two standard wired microphones & lecterns, dependent upon availability
  • Built-in screens
  • Built-in audio system
  • House lighting
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Ventilation

Extra Equipment Rental

If not contracted beforehand, equipment availability is not guaranteed. Equipment prices can either be included in the original contract, or added later via a Additional Equipment Request Form.

(Currency: in KRW)

Category Item Specifications Rate per day (V.A.T. excluded) Notes
A/V Beam Projector 5,000~7,000 ANSI 250,000 Movable / Built-in
16,000 ANSI 800,000 For Grand Ballroom
LED Screen 13m x 5m
(3328pxl x 1280 pxl)
6,500,000 For Conference Room 401 /Built-in
4m x 2.4m 2,000,000 For Conference Room 328 /Built-in
Movable Portable Screen(Additional order) 2m x 2m 40,000 100 inches
Wireless Microphone Hand or Pin 40,000 Please refer to the event guideline to verify how many units are rentable per room
 For meeting rooms smaller than 72㎡: do not support AV system
Conference Microphone   30,000 Used by panelists or for discussions
Wired Microphone   20,000 Please refer to the event guideline to verify how many complimentary podiums are provided (microphone is built into the podium)
Equipment Plexiglass Barriers for COVID19 0.45m(W) x0.45m(H) 10,000  
Noncontact-type Thermometer   20,000  
Thermal Imaging Camera(TIC) Screens up to 30 people at once; operator not included 500,000 Includes 1 laptop, 1 hand sanitizer
Round Table 10 pax per table 50,000 Includes table linen & chairs
Lobby Tables 1.82 x 0.76 x 0.76 (registration table)
1.82 x 0.46 x 0.76 (Grand Ballroom,ASEM Ballroom, Conference Room E)
1.82 x 0.53 x 0.75 (Conference Room(South) 3F/4F, Conference Room(North) 2F 204~211)
10,000 Additional table beyond the standard complimentary tables offered
Lobby Chairs Banquet Chairs 5,000 Additional chair beyond the standard complimentary chairs offered
Movable Stage 2.4m x 1.2m
60cm(H):Grand Ballroom
40cm(H): ASEM Ballroom, Conference Room E

Includes stage skirt but not stage covers

Pin Board (Movable partition) 0.9m(W) x 1.8m(H) 5,000 For Conference Room(South) 3F/4F, Conference Room E
1.2m(W) x 1.77m(H) 10,000 Grand Ballroom, Conference Room(North) 2F
Design&Branding Banner   - Installation/removal service included
X-Banner 0.6m x 1.8m 70,000 Banner stands included
Service Pin Spot Light 1.2KW 200,000 For Auditorium(operator not included)
Audio Recording Digital Recording
(MP3 File)
40,000 For meeting rooms greater than 137㎡
Changing Layout Partitioning during event 100,000 When integrating/
Changing table setting 200,000  

Modular Backdrop System

Create your perfect stage backdrop with Coex AV Drop.

The Av-Drop system is a modular & configurable solution that allows you to create a stage backdrop
and many other structures such as below :

• stage backdrop /projection screen
• wall dividers
• registration desk
• photo booth/ photo wall

Premium Furniture

Want to upgrade your event ambiance?

Select from a variety of luxury furniture sets offered by Coex to upgrade your VIP business lounge, press room, and/or panel discussions! 

(Currency: in KRW)

Category Furniture Rate per day (V.A.T. excluded) Notes
VIP Furniture Package VIP Brown Package (10pax) 1,300,000  
VIP Red Package (10pax) 1,100,000  
Panel Discussion White Armchair Set (5 pax) 450,000  
Stool Set (5 pax) 200,000 Blue or White