Convention Support Services

From catering, to telecommunications, to cutting-edge A/V systems, Coex offers  a variety of services to ensure events run smoothly.

Event Information Screens

Event information can be displayed on PDP or LCD monitors at the entrance of many of Coex's meeting rooms. Video and images may also be used according to the client’s requirements.

  • PDP – Overall event schedule for venue and directions
  • LCD – Schedule information for each meeting room

Equipment Rental

For the hosts and organizers of the event, we offer various AV & Equipment items. Please see the list and submit the form to your meeting room sales manager.


For the hosts and organizers of the event, we provide daily parking tickets according to the size of the meeting room. Please purchase separately for parking tickets for participants.

Onsite Support

For the convenience of event organizers, Coex support staff are placed on-hand at all times. For assistance related to A/V equipment, table settings, or any other venue inquiries during an event, contact us via the contact details below:

Floor Meeting Room Contact
F1 Grand Ballroom (101~105) +82-2-6000-7164
F2 Conference Room(North) +82-2-6000-7165
F3 Auditorium and sub-room +82-2-6000-7162,3
F3 Conference Room E(E1~E6) +82-2-6000-7171
F3 Studio159 +82-2-6000-7168
F3 Conference Room(South) (301~328) +82-2-6000-7166
F4 Conference Room(South) (401~403) +82-2-6000-7167