Coex Convention Team

Most event organizers find it essential to put together a staff of capable, experienced professionals to help them plan and execute their event. Whether you call them DMCs (Destination Management Companies) or PCOs (Professional Convention Organizers), one thing is certain: You want skilled professionals who have an excellent understanding of the venue, the host city, and of the needs and concerns particular to your event.

The Coex Convention Team is the ideal partner to assist in the planning and management of your event.

We have over 30 years in the Convention Organizing business. Large events, small events, luxurious settings, or important security issues, we’ve handled them all. As a venue, the Coex Center is well-known for being able to host very large events of up to 10,000 participants. We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work closely with many high profile conventions.

Of course not!

We’ve also executed events at BEXCO in Busan, at ICC Jeju, and numerous hotels. Our considerable experience at Coex has translated well to many other venues in Korea. We’re happy to provide an objective viewpoint as to which venue is best for your event.

Our Relationship with Coex

Often, PCOs serve as a go-between for event planners and the event venue. Having operated more than 100 events here at Coex over the years, the Coex PCO team has become one of Coex’s biggest clients. As a result, we’ve built the kind of relationship with Coex Center Management and facility staff that can help us get your event the best possible deal and services.

Coex is Our Home

While our team operates independently of facility management, we remain a part of the Coex family. This situation allows us to give our clients the best of both worlds: Objectivity, and insider knowledge.

Our Efficiency

Organizing a major event from another country can be stressful. Add the difficulties of working with different time zones, and simple inquiries can seem to take forever. With our location, at the Coex venue, we’re able to get issues handled quickly, making the overall planning process much more efficient.

We work with you to create the event of your choice, and then our fees amount to a fixed percentage of the total cost. We strive for transparency and openness in all our financial arrangements. We never accept commissions from suppliers: Our supplier recommendations are always based strictly on the needs of our clients.

Local Organizing Committees

Create congress hosting proposals, including presentations.

Public Relations

Announcements, promotional videos and press management

Venue Planning

Layouts, equipment and signage arrangement

Congress Operations

Scenarios, arrangements for speakers and materials


Pre-registration programs, booths and registration areas


Sourcing appropriate speakers, schedule and presentation management

Food & Beverage

Menu planning and settings


VIP protocol management, airport arrangements


Planning, Arrangements for vehicles and drivers


Arrangements for official hotels, reservations

Tour Programs

Planning and Operations

Social Programs

Planning and Operations


Sourcing and Training


Planning, Marketing and Operations


Budget planning and expenses management, Sourcing sponsorship