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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jun 28 2022
  • Time: 11:00 - 11:00


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The 20th Seoul International Building Material + Decoration Fair

SEOUL INTERNATIONAL BUILDING MATERIAL &DECORATION FAIR is the only Korean Building Exhibition that has a strong connection with global partners. Foreign exhibitors and buyers from all over the world have participated in SEOUL INTERNATIONAL BUILDING MATERIAL &DECORATION FAIR for past few years with their high interests in Korean building & construction materials.

As to become an outstanding global exhibition, SEOUL INTERNATIONAL BUILDING MATERIAL &DECORATION FAIR has a program called, “Business consulting trade meeting” which directly links from buyers to exhibitors. Thereby, it gives unique opportunities to foreign buyers to try out new products from many different countries simultaneously at one venue.


  • Energy saving,Lifts/ Elevators,Bathrooms, Sanitary Installations, Saunas,Balconies,
    Fittings and Profiles,Chemical Building Products,Ceramics and Accessories,Mounting and Fixing Systems,Concrete Construction,Floor Finishes,Office and Drawing Office,
    Equipment,Planning,Roof Construction Materials,Insulation Materials,Ceilings
    Conservation of Monuments,Electrical Installations, Appliances,Paints and Varnishes,
    Cladding materials,Windows and Accessories,Prefabricated Buildings,Foundations,
    Scaffolding and Ladders,Gypsum Plaster and Related Materials,Glass,Heating Installations,Timber Construction,Interior Decoration,IT / Information, Communications and Organisation Technology,Chimney and fireplace construction,Air-conditioning, Ventilation,Municipal Installations,Art on and for Public Buildings,natural stone
    Plaster and Rendering Systems,Safety Installations,Solar engineering,Technical Installations and Equipment,Sun protection,Sports and Games Installations,Road Construction,Drainage,Stairs and Staircases,Doors, Gates and Inside Walls,Urban Design
    Sewage and Drainage,Traffic Installations,Walling Materials,Water and Gas Installations and Equipment,Tools and Machinery,Consultants, Professional Associations and Educational Institutions,Advertising and Publications,Services


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