Internet & Telecommunication Services

Internet and telecommunications services at Coex are provided by top-notch outside contractors who are experts in business IT. Internet service providers can be contacted directly using the above information. Event planners can also ask their COEX room sales contact to act as a liaison between the planner and the internet contractors.

Wireless Internet

SK Broadband: +82-2-6000-1588

Wired Internet

KTNET: +82-2-6000-2174

Telephone Line Installation & Other Telecommunication Inquires

SK Broadband: +82-2-6000-1588

If not contracted beforehand, equipment availability is not guaranteed. Equipment prices can either be included in the original contract, or added later via a Additional Equipment Request Form.

SK Broadband Wireless Pricing

Price (KRW) Usage Period
10,000 4 Hours
15,000 Whole Day


  • 30% offered for internet use of more than two consecutive days
  • Wireless access codes can be purchased at the SK Broadband Office on the first floor of the south wing of Coex, across from Hall A