Lease Procedure


Submission of Forms

Send Fax to: +82-2-6000-1304
  • Trade Center office space application form
  • Company standard (Trade Tower, ASEM Tower, Trading Exhibition Space)
  • Financial statements (income statement, balance sheet)
  • Business registration form

Company evaluation and placement on waiting list


Companies with high evaluation scores given priority when office space becomes available


Sign Contract and Make Down Payment

  • Upon signing of contract: 10% of the deposit
  • 1 day prior to contract start: remaining 90% of deposit

Interior and Construction

  • Submission of construction application form and other necessary documents to be completed at least 5 days prior to beginning of construction
  • Construction may begin only after approval from Technical Support Team
  • Completion notice must be submitting after completion of construction

Move In

  • Submit company signage application form (TT, AT/TM) 1 week before move in
  • Submit application for carrying in of goods 1 day before move in
  • Move in may take place only on weekends (Saturday, Sunday)