Changwon Exhibition and Convention Center (CECO)

Built in 2005 in Changwon City, CECO has built a strong reputation for its state-of-the art facilities and has held a wide range of events since opening. Changwon is known for its high-tech and heavy industry as well as environmentalism, and CECO has drawn on these attractions to build a strong portfolio of professional exhibitions and conventions.

In addition to its meeting facilities, CECO is located near first-class hotels, residential offictels, multiplex theatres, a food court, shopping mall, and much more.

Building Information

Section Space
Floor Area 41,232㎡
Exhibition Hall 7,827㎡
Conference Room 1,131㎡
Trade SOHO 1,432㎡
Small & Medium Sized Enterprise Center 4,535㎡

Main Facilities


First Floor

  • Gyeongnam Tourism & Craft Sales Hall
  • Reservation consultation room
  • Offices and restaurants

Third Floor

  • Exhibition halls
  • Convention hall
  • Meeting rooms
  • Outdoor exhibition space
  • Offices

Sixth Floor

  • Meeting rooms
  • Offices